Residence permit

Temporary residence permit (Pink Slip), for citizens from countries outside the EU:

Required documents:

- A copy of the purchase and sale contract or rental agreement or title of property owner

- A deposit in the bank, and the proof of the origin of money (about €100,000)

- A passport + copies of the first and the last pages (with a entry stamp)

- A pension certificate + translation + copies (if available) of any other sources of income in the form of dividends, rental income, other investments. You actually have to show a steady and regular income from external sources sufficient for the applicant and his family members. It is not necessary, but it will help in further prolongation of the residence permit

- A bank guarantee for 2 years amounting to €855 for the citizens of countries outside the EU, and €515 for the Russians + a copy of the guarantee

- A marriage certificate + translation (+copy) Apostille (Russians are exempted from Apostille)

- Birth certificates for children + translation + Apostille copy (Russians are exempted from Apostille) 4 photos + 1 photo for further renewal

- Medical insurance with an automatic renewal for one more year

This authorization may be prolonged for each subsequent year on the same terms. Owners of such temporary residence permits must not stay outside Cyprus continuously for 90 days and must live in Cyprus for a total period of 6 months.

Permanent residence permits (under category F)

This authorization shall also apply to spouses and minor children (under 18 years) of the owner. It can be granted to individuals who freely have a high enough annual income at their disposal to maintain a decent living in Cyprus for members of their family. Income can vary from €20,000 per year and up, depending on the number of family members. It is also necessary to show enough money in the Bank of Cyprus and the evidence that they came from abroad. This amount should not be less than €150,000. This amount can be changed in the case of high income.

Required documents:

- Copies of the certificate of registration in Cyprus (for wife and minor children as well)

- A temporary residence permit (for wife and minor children as well)

- Copies of passports (for wife and minor children as well) with a validity for at least 2-year term

- A marriage certificate translation, Apostille (Russians are exempted from Apostille)

- Birth certificates (certified translation) of the children, Apostille (Russians are exempted from Apostille)

- Diplomas of higher education, etc. original + translation + Apostille (Russians are exempt from Apostille)

- An immovable property in Cyprus if any (title of the owner or purchase and sale contract)

- A health insurance (for wife and minor children as well), automatically renewable bank statement (for min. amount of €250,000)

- Company documents belonging to the applicant, data on income and the source from which they are derived

-4 resume photos

- Certificate of no criminal record + translation + Apostille (Russians are exempted from Apostille).

- Certificates for children over 15 years are also required.

By order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, when a citizen of the country outside the EU buys property priced at €300,000 or more, the process of obtaining and submitting for a permanent residence permit is greatly simplified. He/she must open a current account, as well as he/she should show that he/she is spending money in Cyprus on his/her living and his/her family (food, clothing, etc.). He/she must present the rental agreement in his/her name or to purchase property in his/her name. It is also desirable to present statement of the deposit bank account. The first interview for obtaining a residence permit can be arranged within one week after we have all the necessary documents. Note that if the owner of the residence permit of category F does not live in Cyprus for nearly two years, he/she may lose the right to permanent residence in Cyprus.