There are two types of rent: long-term rent: Cyprus is the island, which will please with the good weather not only in the summer. Therefore, part of the contract is signed for a period of more than a year; short-term rent: if you want to rent an apartment or a house in Cyprus for less than a year. Prices usually vary depending on the time of year. But this is true for a short-term rental of villa in Cyprus. In the case, if the housing is rented for a year or more, the price remains unchanged, and clearly fixed in the contract. So, what are the advantages of renting property in Cyprus? First of all, direct benefit. Rental of apartments in Cyprus by means of our company is cheaper than staying in a hotel; a wide choice of options for rent.
Cyprus opens up limitless possibilities, rather than the standard number of rooms, which are cloned throughout the hotel; rental of apartments in any area and at any time; rental of apartments in Cyprus for a short period of time and in different parts of the island opens up prospects not only of the tourist nature, you will thus be able to get acquainted with a particular area more closely to purchase property in the future; you can eat familiar food that you cook personally at any time convenient for you; if you are tired of other people, such as the hotel staff and guests, villas for rent in Cyprus will solve this problem. Fast and cheap! Renting a house in Cyprus is the ideal solution for those who doubt whether to rent a villa. It also offers a widest breadth of options, ranging from small bungalows to huge houses. Renting houses in Cyprus is one of the most popular options for a leisure stay. This is especially true for those who want to spend their holiday with no limits on the paradise island of the Mediterranean Sea. Renting a house in Cyprus, you will be able to live on the beach, or on the contrary, to get away inland and enjoy the beautiful exotic scenery each time on your way to the sea. And it will not leave anyone indifferent to its beauty. For those who still doubt buying apartments in Cyprus, long- or short-term rent of an apartment is the best option. This is a very common way for many people to make the right choice not only of the apartments, but also of its location on the island. Due to the service “rental of villas in Cyprus”, many people were able to choose the best options of housing in accordance with their requirements. You must agree that it is better to try living in several houses or apartments and make the right choice than to look for advertized real estate. If you do not dream of a house on this paradise island, then you are already a proud owner of it. Rental of a cottage in Cyprus will help those who are still in search. It is also an excellent option for those wishing to join the people who have already made their choice. Rental of cottages in Cyprus is also a great solution for vacationers. This is due to the fact that the cottage settlements have turned into modern complexes, the territory of which locates shops, clinics, as well as employment agencies for nannies, maids and so on. Trust our experience – not even a single customer regret refusal to stay at the hotel in favor of rental of apartment in Cyprus. This is logical, because the conditions are just not comparable. Rental of apartments in Cyprus, which will fully meet your needs, completely overturned the idea of ​​the vacation in people used to using the hotel services.

According to the last year’s amendments to the Cypriot law, a foreigner buying real estate worth with the cost more than 300,000 is granted the right to a residence permit of category F. This category has existed for a long time, the only difference is in the process and in the list of required documents.

According to the new amendments, buying a property of more than 300,000 Euros and showing 30,000 Euros in the bank (plus 5,000 Euros for each minor child), you can apply for a residence permit in this category. Of course, you will need to provide all other required documents. There was no limit on the value of real estate in the previous version of the law, but the required amount of funds in a bank account in Cyprus was much higher. Therewith, such an account is not closed. These two points make the main difference in the list of documents between the old and new version of the law. Another change is the difference is in terms. After the introduction of amendments, a case of a residence permit is considered for three or four months, whereas before, the process took for about a year.

It should, however, be noted that the application for a residence permit of category F can be submitted as under the old and the new method, choosing an option convenient for you. As for the category F, it is the internal Cypriot status implying that you are a resident in Cyprus, but can not work here. Below is a sample list of documents (there are additional applications that are certified by a court) in the old version. If you select a new option, make changes as described above.

List of documents

1. Passport (+copy).

2. The purchase and sale contract or rental agreement in Cyprus (+copy).

3. Certificates – of marriage and of birth of children with translation into English or Greek, notarized. If the translation was made in Cyprus, it is enough to certify it in the Press and Information Office (PIO) (+copy).

4. Medical insurance (better - made in Cyprus).

5. Bank guarantee for 512 Euros for each family member (made in Cyprus).

6. Statement from the Cypriot bank account with the desired residual amount (depending on the option).

7. Confirmation of income source from abroad: certificate of employment, receipt of dividends, etc. (+ translation).

8. Certificate of good conduct. If you have lived in Cyprus for the last six months – from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Cyprus. If in Russia – from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (translation + Apostille).

9. Professional diplomas (+translation).

10. Documents confirming the ownership of real estate in Russia (+translation).

11. Statement from a Russian bank account (optional).

12. CV in English.

13.Three photos.

14. Filled immigration form.

These are the results of the Monitoring of the internal market – the bulletin published for the first time in the EU 15 years ago. First in the list are Ireland, Malta, Estonia and Sweden. These countries were able to adopt a record number of EU directives at the national level. In addition, EU countries have improved the quality of the laws adaptation. On the other hand, the number of directives awaiting the adoption for more than two years has increased. Italy became the “worst offender”, where the highest number of violations sent to the European Commission for consideration has been recorded. It is followed by Spain and Greece. Typically, countries do not hurry to adopt European laws governing taxation and environmental protection. Taking into account all factors, including the administrative measures for the implementation of European laws into the local, the best are Romania, Estonia, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Lithuania. Now EU member states require an average of 9.5 months for the adoption of the directive after the deadline set by the European Commission.

The number of tourists in Cyprus in 2016 can become a record, if growth dynamics marked from the beginning of this year will maintain. The Cyprus Tourism Organization noted an increase in the tourist flow to the island on a background of “falling” Euro. In 2015, 2.65 million tourists came to Cyprus, which was the highest number within the last 14 years. This year it is expected that the inflow of tourists to the resorts will increase significantly compared to last year’s best indicator.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in the Russian Federation Georgios Kasoulides agrees with this forecast. He suggested this year will be a record, and urged Russian businesses to invest in the island’s hotels.

Experts believe that the success of the tourism sector of Cyprus is positively affected not only by Euro getting cheaper against other currencies, but also by stable and secure situation for the tourists in the country. Against the background of countries non-well-off in terms of security and stability located in the neighborhood, Cyprus, as the resort area, is very attractive.

In the first quarter of 2016, the number of tourists in Cyprus has increased by 32.4% compared to the same period of 2015, which amounts to 251,608 against 189,988 people in quantitative terms. In March alone 137,013 people came to the island, which is 40.6% more than in March last year, when 97,479 people visited Cyprus as tourists. It became an impressive and unexpected result for the tourism industry of the country.

Following the results of March 2016, there was a significant increase in the inflow of British, German and Russian tourists to Cyprus. By the number of travelers coming to Cyprus, British hold the garland traditionally. In March 2016, 59,282 of them came to the island that is 44.1% more than within the same period last year. Tourists from Germany take the second place, the number of which has increased in leaps and bounds up to 12,917 people, which is 73.5% more than the year before. Tourists from Russia, who has long held a leading position after the British, fell to the third place in March. 12,835 travelers from Russia came to the island, which is 63.4% more than in March 2015.

French tourists has shown the negative dynamics of arrivals to the island, which was by 19.8% less than in the past.

In a survey conducted in April this year by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) among tourism companies, it was found that tours to Cyprus are sold better than to other countries. It is followed by Krasnodar region, Greece, the Crimea and Bulgaria.

Cyprus has also been recognized as the most popular destination, which Russian tourists chose for the May Day celebration. Greece and the UAE are also in the top three of foreign countries where the Russians bought the May tours to.